Imagine being an extremely highly influencial fitness coach...

 with a tribe of amazing prospects ready to pay premium prices for whatever you offer who admires and recognizes your brand immediately. Your marketing effortlessly converts because people feel like the know and trust your brand already. Your business expands to the point where you can hire a team of excited, committed people to work with you and help you continue to change and transform the lives of your clients.

But how are you going to get there if right now you’re unsure of what steps to take to gain recognition & a reputation, burnt out trying to take care of your clients (your job!) AND build your branding, unable to hire employees to expand because you don’t have clarity or direction or a tribe or a premium business that attracts others on an emotional level.


The way things are going, you actually feel like someday you might even have to settle for being mediocre, not changing as many lives as you know you can, going back to a job in a gym or office where you don’t stand out or have respect just to make enough money, having to give up.


And the worst part is – you know you could avoid all of that pain and finally achieve your dreams if you could only position yourself as a trustworthy, premium influencer, develop a recognizable image & reputation that helps your other marketing efforts convert, brings you more clients and allows you to build a company that others want and NEED to be a part of.

But here’s the thing: you’ve already tried getting a logo designed on Fivver, building a website on a free platform, creating your own templates for materials you use in your program on Canva, creating your own ad graphics, hiring a cheap “designer” (not branding consultant), having a friend do a website, asking for help in Facebook groups from others still on your level and it didn’t work!

In fact, it feels like you’re always trying to find new ways to solve those problems… and they never bring the results you want.

But there’s ONE THING you haven’t tried: a premium professional branding package designed specifically to position you as a highly respected and premium coach.

What do you think would happen if you just had a professional brand built for you that will cater to your exact ideal client, establish you as a trustworthy premium coach, attract your perfect tribe, allow you to focus solely on what you do best, and allow you to charge premium rates for your services. Imagine having all your social profiles, content, and ads 100% on brand and building a strong premium positioning.


And what if you could get all of that done with the help of a branding and design expert who has worked with many brands in the fitness industry to establish them as a premium, recognized, trustworthy option and build an ideal tribe and client base?


Do you think that would take you to the next level and actually help you achieve the results you’re looking for?

Then you need to know about the Rockstar Influencer Branding Package for Fitness Coaches

It’s a branding package created exclusively for serious high level fitness coaches who want to establish a celebrity influencer status so they can change lives, attract a loyal tribe who will pay premium rates for their services, see greater return on all marketing efforts, and build a valuable culture surrounding them. But…they’re struggling with establishing their image as a professional coach who attracts the right clients and can charge premium rates, while concentrating on what they do best. They are ready to soar above the competition with solid positioning and content designed specifically for them.


To make sure you get all the results you’re looking for, here’s what’s included:

Strategic Planning

• A Branding Discovery Session call to discuss your ideal client, current positioning and branding and formulate a strategy.

 Logo Design 

A Premium Website

• Completely customized layout and design congruent with your brand


• Opt-In Forms for lead generation and integration with current marketing software

• E-commerce integration to sell merch and digital products

• Scheduling software integration to book calls and appointments

Branded Social Media

Facebook: Cover photo for page and group, post templates, event headers, images for ads

Instagram: Infographics, custom watermarks, ads

Other Social Media graphics as discussed on call

This is a PREMIUM solution that will help you present yourself the high level fitness coach you are who is well known, trusted and liked, so you can gain recognition, attract your ideal client, charge premium prices and increase the value of your business.


Now, you would think that a high-end package like that would cost you $25k or more and to be honest that would be an investment with a solid ROI considering everything that is at stake.

But since I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve become highly effective at delivering these solutions, the investment is only:

50% Upfront Payment of:


+ 50% 30 days later ($4000)


An Upfront Deposit of:


+ 12 Weekly Installments of $500

If you’re ready to step up and decide to finally do what’s needed in order to reach the next level with your business, then click the button below to request a phone call where I’ll get to know you better and we’ll discuss the next steps.

PS: Talk is cheap. Everyone wishes they had a highly valuable, influential and recognizable brand that attracts clients, stands out and allows them to change lives for premium rates. but only a few people are willing to do what it takes.


If you’re serious about being a successful high level fitness coach then request a call and let’s make it happen.

WARNING: This package is NOT for you if You don’t have any experience or clients yet, are looking for branding to do all the work of building a business for you, or are looking for a cheap way to fix your problems. I ONLY work with serious high level experienced fitness coaches who are 110% committed to achieving their goals and are in for the long run. If you’re not at a point where this is a PRIORITY for you, the unfortunately I’m not the right person to help you right now.